Louise Wilson

Louise and Fred

When I was a little girl, all I could think about was having my own dog. Most specifically, A Great Dane !! Well, that was before I met Fred, my Treeing Walker Hound.
 Shortly after I met my husband Charley, he asked me if I would marry him. I said “Only if you will let me have a dog “. He said “ OK “ so, when we had enough money to buy a house, I went immediately to the Dallas Pound and that is were my great love for Coonhounds began. After I met Fred, well the rest is history. Fred was my best buddy for 16 ˝ yrs. Freda Ann, my Black and Tan, and Blueser, My Bluetick have taken over were Fred left off. I have discovered Coonhounds to be the most loving, loyal and wonderful friends anyone could ever have.

Louise is an accomplished musician having studied Jazz Performance at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth Texas. She has Played Jazz trombone in the Dallas-Fort-Worth Area, South Florida, and Colorado.
She has a great love for all animals, but especially coonhounds. This CD is her gift to all those who love coonhounds as much as she does, and all those who love their 4 legged friends as much as Louise does.

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