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My Coonhound Loves Me   Funky Hound Groove
My Coonhound Loves Me

Gotta Hunt

A Day In The Life Of A Coonhound:
Wakin’ Up, Goin’ Huntin’, Treeing That Coon, Struttin’ My Stuff, Gettin’ on Home, Dreamin’ of our Big Day

I Remember Fred - My Treeing Walker Hound

Fred and Blueser’s Coonhound Dream

Black and Tan Our Freda Ann

Up Jumped Blueser

Coonhound Lullaby
  1. Funky Hound Groove
2. One Eared Coonie Love
3. Red, White And Bluetickin’
4. Once Lost Now Found
5. My Blueser, My Angel
6. Walker Into My Heart
7. Ellwood, Louisa and Me
8. Hound Mama And Her Coonie Girls
9. Saving DanDan
10. Groovin’ With Johnny Redbone
11. Blues For Ellwood

12. Rock-A-Bye Hound Party
13. Crink And Jill
14. Lady Tessa
15. Coonie Stacking
16. The Blues Brothers Jazzin’ Blues
17. Ellwood And Louisa’s Romance
18. Those Late Night Huntin’ Blues
19. Guinness & Dillweeds Rockin’ Moves
20. Wait For Us At The Rainbow Bridge


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